FreqGen is the electronic music playground of artist/producer Klayton (Celldweller). Using modular synths and analog hardware, FreqGen’s Transmissions album series deliver an expansive journey ranging from ambient and downtempo to IDM, techno and drum & bass.


FreqGen - Logo T-Shirt
Please note - These are mock-up images. Actual product may vary. Once your order has been placed, a team of...
$23.99 USD
FreqGen - Future 1990 (Digital EP)
Lock in and prepare to travel back to the retro-future with FreqGen’s groundbreaking new EP, Future 1990. This five-song release pulls...
$9.90 USD
FreqGen - Dreaming (Digital Album)
Embark on a journey to the edges of the known universe with FreqGen’s pioneering full-length album, Dreaming. Packed front to back...
$9.99 USD
FreqGen - Transmissions: Vol. 04 (Digital Album)
Transmissions: Vol. 04 continues the expansive voyage of the FreqGen spaceship in a collection of analog/modular hardware sonic adventures. Featuring 13...
$9.99 USD
FreqGen - Transmissions: Vol. 03 (Digital Album)
Transmissions: Vol. 03 marks the third extraterrestrial voyage FreqGen takes into the stars with the Transmissions series of intergalactic electronic experimentation....
$8.99 USD
FreqGen - Transmissions: Vol. 02 (Digital Album)
Transmissions: Vol. 02 is the second installment of intergalactic electronic experiment from FreqGen. With tracks ranging from upbeat, such as...
$8.99 USD
FreqGen - Transmissions: Vol. 01 (Digital Album)
Venture into uncharted territory with the first volume of the ever-evolving Transmissions series - a collection of hardware focused sonic...
$7.99 USD

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