FreqGen - Future 1990s CD
FreqGen - Future 1990s CD

FreqGen - Future 1990s CD

$12.99 USD
FreqGen - Future 1990s CD

FreqGen - Future 1990s CD

$12.99 USD
Product description

As I was making music with my metal/industrial project Circle of Dust in the '90s I was influenced by the innovation of electronic music producers of that decade while simultaneously being inspired by movie soundtracks like Hackers, The Matrix, Strange Days, and Blade.

Fast forward a couple of decades to the success of my hybrid electronic-rock project Celldweller and my synthwave/'80s new-wave inspired project Scandroid. I now had the tools and experience under my belt to go back and finally explore producing the sounds of the electronic music that I love from the '90s.

Come back to a time that defined me:

Future 1990s.


FreqGen's Future 1990s is available now on a CD Digipack from FiXT.


  1. Future 1990
  2. Future 1991
  3. Future 1992
  4. Future 1993
  5. Future 1994
  6. Future 1995
  7. Future 1996
  8. Future 1997
  9. Future 1998
  10. Future 1999

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