Velodic - Retro Synth Glow Serum (Preset Pack)

$15.00 USD
Velodic - Retro Synth Glow Serum (Preset Pack)

Velodic - Retro Synth Glow Serum (Preset Pack)

$15.00 USD
Product description

These 50 serum presets* are perfect for Synthwave, Outrun, Retrowave, 80's Pop and of course any other genres that need a touch of retro.

Inspired by The Midnight, Scandroid, FM-84, Kavinsky, Waveshaper, Dance with the dead and pure retro nostalgia.

If you need even more retro inspiration, check out the Velodic sample pack "Retro Synth Glow" including 500 synthwave samples and loops which are the perfect addition to these Serum presets.

15 Bass Presets
10 Drum Presets
3 Arps Presets
6 Pad Presets
3 FX Presets
2 Lead Presets
6 Pluck Presets
5 Synth Presets

*requires the latest version of Xfer serum

100% royalty free use


Demo Track:



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