Sunset Neon - Starlight

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The debut Sunset Neon album, Starlight, is a blast of VHS inspired 80s nostalgia from Los Angeles artist/producer Bret, best known for his electronic-rock project Blue Stahli. The album ranges from Indie Pop tracks like "Got You" and "Never Dance Again" to glitchy Future Funk / Nu Disco on "Lazer Pink," "Everything," "Strut," and a hard hitting Electro Funk cover of Prince’s smash hit "Kiss." The album also delivers lo-fi chill moments on "You Are The Sun," and "Metrocenter 84" to the electric-guitar power anthem "Tonight" which feels straight out of a Rocky film training montage. The album's 12 original tracks conclude with a tropical / deep house remix from fellow L.A. artist/producer Yung Bae.

Release Date: December 1, 2017

Total Album Time: 00:40:00

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