Soul Extract - Solid State Hoodie (Blue Print)


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While running station maintenance, a strange silhouette was spotted in one of the hardware access panels. It was a humanoid machine, curled up with its eyes dimly glowing in a sort of sleep mode, connected straight into the station's systems as though it were acting as an additional solid state drive. In that machine's honor, and the markings on its arm that hinted he might belong to Soul Extract, we've attempted to replicate its resting form for this shirt design. (Please do not tap on the glass panel, you might startle it awake)

Please note - These are mock up images. Actual product may vary.

Once your order has been placed, a team of FiXT Bots will be dispatched to retrieve materials & begin the fabrication process to your specifications. Production will take approximately 7-10 Earth business days (accounting for unexpected wormhole openings in material transit, Klaxxon raids, and retrieving bots from the packaging to prevent unexpected "adventures") before it arrives at our intergalactic sorting facility to be carefully packaged & begin the journey to its final destination.

Printed On a Lane 7 Pullover Hoodie.

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