How To Bass Volume 02: Bass Harder (Sample Pack)

How To Bass Volume 02: Bass Harder (Sample Pack)

$14.99 USD
How To Bass Volume 02: Bass Harder (Sample Pack)

How To Bass Volume 02: Bass Harder (Sample Pack)

$14.99 USD
Product description

"How To Bass Volume 02: Bass harder" is the 2nd sample pack from SeamlessR, creator of the popular YouTube tutorial series of the same name. 

This sample pack contains many wild and crazy bass and only bass samples. A selection of bigger, better, and harder samples any bass music producer would love in their tracks. Also included is the FLP used to make these samples so you can learn how to make them yourself for infinite bass goodness.

Each pack features 250 Samples (24bit/44.1khz WAV Files) across various unique categories:

Crunch Phase:
Crunchy yet smooth sounding bass modulation.

Wave Table based bass encased with vocoding in place.

A sharper sounding growly modulation that grabs your attention.

When life gives you granular bass, make granulade.

When life gives you even more ganular bass, make even more granulade.

Sharp and fast neuro modulations perfect for filler moments

Heavy Cloud:
Soft feeling yet strong with a little harmony thrown in

Reese Fade:
Starts strong then smooths out with some phase cancellation for good measure.

Reese Smoothie:
Harmonic behavior outside the usual

Reese Smootheir:
Harmonic behavior just slightly more inside the usual

Reese Wave:
Like a party wave only with reese bass. Surfs up.

Nice and chunky feeling wobbly goodness

Phase cancellation never felt so good

Like a bass monster with big teeth. Sharp, but awesome.

Just so many things conspiring to sound awesome and growly with some squelch thrown in

Additional Info:
All files are 24bit, 44.1khz WAV Audio.
Product Download is 83MB Zip File.

Release Date: March 12th, 2015

*This sample pack is not an add-on to the Transport Kontakt Instrument. This is an WAV file audio-only sample pack and is not compatible with Transport.


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