Fury Weekend - Signals + The Essentials 2-CD Set

$14.99 USD
Fury Weekend - Signals + The Essentials 2-CD Set

Fury Weekend - Signals + The Essentials 2-CD Set

$14.99 USD
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Official merchandise for Fury Weekend

2-CD Set in a Jewel Case

The wait is over, Fury Weekend's highly anticipated full-length album Signals is out now! Collecting a thrilling array of vocal tracks from artists including Essenger, The Anix, Voicians, King Protea, and Scandroid, along with hard-hitting instrumentals, Signals is Fury Weekend's finest achievement to date.

 The album also features "Dr. Online," Fury Weekend's powerful homage to online gaming celebrity, Dr. Disrespect, and a captivating cover of Ozzy Osbourne's classic "I Just Want You." Building on the success of Fury Weekend's 2019 album Escape From Neon City, which launched the project to over 150,000 monthly Spotify listeners, the early singles from Signals have already catapulted the Russia-based producer to 300,000 listeners each month across all music platforms.

Disc 1: Signals
1. Forsaken City
2. Wake Up Call (feat. Jordan Cox)
3. In The Speed Of Light
4. Automatic Love (feat. Essenger)
5. Illumination (feat. The Anix)
6. Yesterday's Gone
7. I Just Want You (feat. Yann Zhanchak)
8. Dancekiller (feat. Robin Adams)
9. Only In My Dreams (feat. King Protea)
10. Signals (feat. Voicians)
11. Save The Queen (feat. Scandroid)
12. Dr. Online

Disc 2: Essentials
1. Oblivion City
2. Euphoria (feat. Scandroid)
3. Black To The Future
4. Sleepless Nights (feat. PRIZM)
5. Knightriders
6. Another Brick In The Wall
7. Till The Dawn
8. Savior (feat. Josh Money)
9. 12 To Midnight
10. Thousands Lights (feat. Megan McDuffee)
11. Stranger In LA
12. Last Rendezvous
13. Towards The Wind
14. Gamechanger
15. Euphoria (feat. Scandroid) [Michael Oakley Remix]


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