DEADLIFE - God in the Machine (CD)


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DEADLIFE’s visionary works of dystopian science fiction reach a new plane with the artist’s latest sonic masterwork, God In The Machine. This full-length album conjures 15 visionary tracks from a distant world of the future to provide an immersive and carefully detailed soundscape for the present.


  1. Wired In
  2. Afterlands
  3. North Inertia
  4. Obsolete (feat. Scandroid)
  5. Neo Anima
  6. Kid From Nowhere
  7. No Future, No Illusions
  8. Tears Of The Juvenile
  9. What It Means To Ache
  10. Boreal Nerve
  11. Anger Calling
  12. Dysphoric Depths (feat. Tessa Hedrick)
  13. Hope On Bridgewater St.
  14. These Eyes Are Oceans
  15. Call Me DL (Theme)

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