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Blue Stahli arrives at your party in suave style with a bombshell on each arm, martini in hand, but by night's end he will be throwing burning couches into your pool. Such is the one-two punch of the debut Blue Stahli album - ten tracks of cathartically vengeful alternative rock with a streak of Ray-Ban-sporting electro-funk that gives it a sexiness punk never had. Stahli doesn't shy away from playing with the reigning dance styles of our day but each track retains the distinct Stahli flavor that wrenches your head open, climbs in, and uses your brainy bits to pantomime Pete Townsend's entire history of guitar-smashing. With powerful vocal hooks and a knack for hybridizing genres - such as album closer "Give Me Everything You've Got" 's epic flash-bang of frenetic punk riffage and dubstep bass warble - Blue
Stahli is an album aimed squarely at the front lines of alternative music.

Release Date: March 2nd, 2011

Total Album Time: 00:42:59

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