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What Customers Are Saying:


Just a little update about my purchase - the parcel arrived today in the mail!
The bandana looks awesome, and I'm really happy that it didn't get lost during shipping :) Thanks again for the great customer service!
Kim (December 2016)

Thanks! My order is in my town now to be delivered tomorrow. I wanted to thank you for the speedy order processing! That was impressive! I needed to combine 2 separate orders I made for 2 Excision CDs on the same day, and I received a speedy (and friendly) e-mail response, and my problem was not only fixed the same day, but CDs shipped! I also wanted to mention that you should list Excision's 2 -CD set under Excision. I was looking for both the CDs I bought under Excision, but only 1 was listed. After I ordered it, I saw his 2-CD compilation listed under his record label's category only, so I placed another order for THAT CD as well. I can't wait to listen to them tomorrow, again thanks. You guys have some of the friendliest customer service I've ever encountered for online shopping!
Louis Gonzalez (March 2015)

My experience with FiXT has been phenomenal all the way around. The music, the merchandise, speed of service, and excellent communication have all made FiXT one of the best online shopping experiences I've had. I look forward to what's in store, as I am sure I will be making purchases for a long time to come. 
April Slaughter (March 2015)

The FiXT Store's layout is very organized and it is very easy to navigate. Any experience I have had with customer support has been very positive. Michelle has been very kind to talk to. Any previous exchanges have been very easy and swift. I would highly recommend others to check out FiXT. Only negative I seem to find is that there is no wishlist feature. There are so many quality products and one can only purchase so much at a time
Elsie S. (March 2015)

It was a great experience. Your staff is very helpful and I've never had any sort of problem with Fixt. Great company with great products. Thank you for your services.
Alex Knight (February 2015)

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks! My items came in today and everything looks great. This was my first time ordering, but I'll be sure to order in the future, thank you guys so much! :-)
Jeremy Hernandez (February 2015)

Last purchase was all those drum loop packs and a Circle of Dust sticker. Very happy with purchase as my sticker was nice and pretty and my loops/samples are exactly what I was looking for.
Alec Welch (February 2015)

I have ordered Blue Stahli and Celldweller stuff for my kid. After I checked out I noticed the shirt was medium not large and I was worried it wouldn't fit. I sent an email that very second. A nice lady whose name I don't remember called me back and she straightened it all out. Excellent service and my kid got the goods. As a 45 year old I got to see a lot of cool bands when I was young, Misfits with Danzig , 7 seconds , Agent Orange , Gray Matter and a ton of DC bands like Bad Brains and I like Bret and Klayton as much as my kid...Ultranumb and Accelerant are my faves right now.
Brad Griffin (February 2015)

Freakin awesome cds and t-shirt !! Thank u.
Shannon Dame (February 2015)

I bought the Sonix Producer pack, and I LOVE it. Really diversifies my sonic palette, those modular samples are so beautifully nasty. Bought some great music too. The usual suspects: Celldweller, OCTiV, Blue Stahli, Seamless, Scandroid, Seven Lions <3
Keith Kamholz (February 2015)

Client care is outstanding, I mean great like a truck load of popcorn ! :-D I'll buy more very soon.
Brenda L. Morin (February 2015)

I have nothing to complain about. I had no problems with the the shipping to Sweden.
Srdjan Smudja (February 2015)

Your lightning fast shipping warms my heart.
Alex Madera (February 2015)

Well... I'm almost on the other side of the world so I waited for more than a month for my Christmass present (from myself) but it was totally worthy.
Sandra Alexander (February 2015)

Bought a hoody and 4 tshirts for myself plus a tshirt for my brother. Customer service is second to none :-D 10/10 will be buying again xx
Kenna Mike Wazowski White (February 2015)

I bought a big bundle of Celldweller's End of an Empire Chapter 2 for my sister for Christmas and everything was great it came earlier than expected after it was released! :-D I always have a wonderful experience with everyone and everything at FiXT!!!
April Ann Krause (February 2015)

Well I have bought few things, first it was Celldweller End Of An Empire Chapter 02: Love CD. I was stunned that it took only 5days to get my hands on it. From America to Lithuania. I liked that It was in a small letter. Second purchase was T-shirt and lots of stickers. It took 7 days. Still pretty fast. Quality was perfect of all shoppings. A+ ;-)
Mantas Bunzas Patkauskas (February 2015)

Last purchase was Celldweller's End of an Empire: Chapter 2 Love limited edition bundle with the coin, got that early and was very pleased. I've also purchased Chapter One: Time, the 10 Year Anniversary Edition of Celldweller's self titled album, Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head Volume 2, a few celldweller t-shirts and the Live Upon A Blackstar DVD/Bluray. I went nuts in Black Friday. Every purchase came earlier than I thought and no damage. I love celldweller and fixt, you guys are amazing and I reccomend you to everyone. You've got a loyal fan here :-)
Trevor James McCarty (February 2015)

Last purchase was a Celldweller shirt. Arrived in great time. Didn't realize it had cuz someone was smart enough to put it in a package it fit in instead of a giant box. Great experience!
Brianna Hegge (February 2015)

You guys are awesome. I like how you leave smiley faces saying thanks when you get something shipped :-) but I also download Celldweller, Blue Stahli, and Scandroid songs and have shirts too. I've also found other awesome artists just browsing through the site.
Ashley Howard (February 2015)

Was super excited when I got the email about my stuff being shipped! Considering I ordered everything just over 12 hours earlier! Love you guys!!!!
Leigh Ann Vaundeleen Risser (February 2015)

The item I bought arrived surprisingly quickly (7 days and I live in eastern Europe). I was very pleased with it and I'm positive I'll buy from FiXT again some time.
Ivan Ilev (January 2015)

Your services are professional and I will be glad to make shopping again in your store ! Greetings from Poland to your all staff, you doing great job!
Mateusz Datta (January 2015)

Was very pleased with how fast my order of Celldweller things came in! thank you so much it was a great gift for my boyfriend, he was so excited when I gave it to him :) will be sure to buy again in the future!
Elly Jonas (December 2014)

Hi FiXT! Purchasing music from FiXT is really simple plus I know I'm supporting the artist directly not via iTunes which takes a big cut of the artist's creative blood and tears. Support the artists!! As for the music I've already purchased ... THE BEST!! Thank you to everyone at FiXT & the artists Cheers, Desiree 
Desiree Mulders (December 2014)

I have recommended this website to a lot of my friends...This site is really reliable on the purchase of merchandise! I love my Downlink shirt and will be shopping once I get paid again soon...Thank you so much! I love it! -Savannah 
Savannah Miller (November 2014)

Thank you for an EASY, FAST experience. I received my merchandise and cd in great shape the day after the release. Thank you
Heather Johnson (October 2014)

I'm more than pleased with what I bought. My hoodie, shirt, lanyard and tanktop are AWESOME! Super high quality and really comfortable. Thank you so much! I'll be returning most definitely. 
Stefan Anderson (September 2014)

My transactions are always fast and no hassles. I love the fact that the FiXT Store checks in and sends follow up emails to confirm orders are satisfactory to us the customers. Nice touch! Trying to refer the store to all my friends. I also enjoy all the podsafe tunes from some really great artists! Thanks again!
JOHN T KNOX (September 2014)

I was very pleased with your company. I was told you were a good company and I have to agree. Thank you for a pleasant transaction! 
Cheryl Pelton (September 2014)

I had a really good first experience at your store, and am coming back for more. :) Love the music, and found it easy to browse around and try out a bunch of albums, which is exactly what I want in an online store.
Bruce Baugh (August 2014)

I love to shop at the FiXT Store. It's easy to find the products you want, there is a lot of good stuf to choose from, and best of all, the products come fast after they're shipped. Every time I buy something it takes the package a maximum of 8 days to get to my door. If I order something from my own country it can take up to two months. I don't think there is much theFiXT Store can do to get better.
Sindre Thomassn (August 2014)

Shipping for my item was fast and I even received a free gift. Very satisfied with my purchase and hope to purchase from FiXT again soon.
Grant Z. (July 2014)

Just wanted to say since I started using the Fixt Store I've never had a bad experience, everything from navigating the site, finding what I want and then making the purchase hs never been easier, you'd think other record labels would've taken note!
Liam Vincent (March 2014)

I have used FiXT many times, and there is a reason why I keep comming back! They are fast, reliable, have a good selection of both music and merchandise. They make browsing new music easy and fun, as you can listen to samples of all the songs on the album.
Viviann (February 2013)

Fast shipping, good stuff for good price. What else do i need? MORE MONEY TO BUY MORE THINGS FROM THEM. Hellyea.
kopko (February 2013)

This was my first purchase at the FIXT store and i'm completely satisfied with the way it went. There were no delays or inconveniences during and after the purchase. I ordered and payed, got quick access to the downloads and in just a few days the physical CDs. Couldn't have been better. Keep it up!
Werner Heinz (July 2012)

Everything about my ordering process was fantastic. I've never had an easier time selecting my products, and purchasing was no hassle whatsoever. I will gladly return to FIXT to purchase more goods and music in the future. I also want to thank FIXT for sending my merchandise so quickly; I'm used to waiting 3-6 weeks for something I ordered, but this time my shirts arrived in less than a week! Everything is beautiful in the FIXT store. I will recommend it to all of my friends, so expect a large purchase increase from the San Fernando Valley area!
Frank Peralta (June 2012)

I had a truly great experience shopping at the FiXT Store! My order got here really quickly and was packaged nicely, and I really enjoyed how there was a download for the music available directly after the purchase. Keep doing what you're doing! You have gained a loyal customer!
Dustin (August 2011)

The FiXT Store utterly revolutionizes how I shop for music and band merchandise. Frequent surveys with rewards waiting at the end, top-quality audio at low cost and the ability to instant download, one of the biggest ranges of independent and famous music artists, unmatched respect for customers by staff..........need I say more? All this and more no doubt makes FiXT my number one choice for music and band merchandise shopping!
Jack Shorthouse (July 2011)

If there was anything to make my shopping experience better, I would say it. But FiXT has one of the easiest online music stores to use and the most streamlined as well. It's easy to buy a song or album and it's easy to download. It's even easy to re-download as well, which is something that other online music stores don't even dream to have. Thank you for caring for music-lovers and making the experience as "painless" as possible.
Martin Breault (October 2010)

Honestly, in terms of service, consideration, and simplicity, FiXT is the very best I have seen! ^_^
Andrew Berry (September 2010)

I just wanted to shoot an email your way to let you know that my Celldweller Spider shirt arrived today and I couldn’t be happier! It’s completely awesome! In fact, it’s even better than I had expected or hoped for! Once again, thank you SO much for going through all that trouble to help me out! The customer service you guys provide is so far above top notch, it's amazing. I wish every retailer, online and off, would treat their customers even half as well as you guys do.
Audrey May (September 2010)

I just wanted to send a personal email saying how much I am pleased with my purchase. The order was easy to follow online, quick confirmation of my purchase, friendly service, and immediate shipment. You guys are awesome. I'll be suggesting you to other friends and using your site again. Thanks so much!
Sam (August 2010)

Just wanted to say this is an excellent store! Great merch avail for artists and the download quality is excellent. Only had a few troubles in the past with files being corrupted on a download but I'm pretty sure that was the connection I was using at the time. Having the 20 chances to download properly was very convenient! If you guys could get in some Pendulum or Deadmau5 I'd really love you. (and I'd be buying more from you
Jesse (July 2010)

You guys at Fixt are great man! I love everything on that website and even the graphics on there. I love what you've done, if I had more money I'd certainly make that my No.1 shop man. keep up the good work dudes and dudesses like I've recommended you to all my mates who've been on your site.
Alice Murdock (July 2010)

...I don't know what I'd do without FiXT! I can't even listen to the radio anymore because so much of what is out there just has no meaning. I'm always happy to support independent artists...
Amanda Feuerberg (May 2010)

Thank you so much. Speedy delivery and great customer service. The shirt is so soft and comfortable too. I love it. FiXT has such great products!
Anonymous Customer (March 2010)

You guys [FiXT] offer the best customer service of any online retailer of any type of product that I have ever dealt with.
Jesiah Heiberg (January 2010)

Everything worked out and I am currently enjoying my downloads and I had no problem with the coupon. Not only do you have the best music around, your customer service is top notch!!!!
Steve Scanzello (December 2009)

To my surprise, I was not auto responded saying to go to some site fore help, and my email actually went through. My surprise grew a few minutes later when I got a PERSONALIZED email in return from one of the people who work at FiXT, a live person. It was short and to the point: "No problem - I'll update it for ya!" This is how Customer service is supposed to be run. Not only was my problem cleared up, but it was done within minutes of my email, and there was a real life person on the other end of the internet. I just want to proclaim my love of the FiXT staff, for once again making shopping from their store enjoyable, and I look forward to dealing with them in the future... (Read the full story here: )
Alex Bailey (December 2009)

Everything worked out and I am currently enjoying my downloads and I had no problem with the coupon. Not only do you have the best music around, your customer service is top notch!!!!
Steve Scanzello (February 2009)

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