Young Medicine - Interlinked (Cassette Only)


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The original debut album from synthwave-metal pioneers Young Medicine puts the group’s unmistakable blend of pop, metal, and retro synths on full display across 13 electrifying entries in cassette format. From the Eastern flavor of "Shinju" to the thumping energy of "Living Fiction" and the rapid fire percussion of "Not Human," Interlinked scratches the itch that mainline genre creations just won’t reach. This is pop-metal fully imagined in a synthwave vein and structured with a progressive songwriting style for a groundbreaking, must-hear creation.



  1. Within Cells  [01:29]
  2. Interlinked  [04:40]
  3. Shinjū  [03:20]  
  4. Partner In Time, Partner In Crime  [04:20]  
  5. Living Fiction  [04:21]
  6. Incommunicado  [04:38]
  7. This Breaks The World  [02:10]
  8. Not Human  [04:13]  
  9. Victim Of Inertia  [04:01]  
  10. Little Miss Anthropy  [03:58]  
  11. Memoria  [04:01]  
  12. Memoria Reprise  [01:45]  
  13. Violent Delights  [03:25]

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