Titan Slayer - Transhumanity (Digital Album)


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Hailing from Eastern Europe, Titan Slayer delivers his debut Film/TV/Video Game/Trailer album with Subterra Records.

"Transhumanity is a hybrid cinematic fusion of rock, electronic and trailer music. Inspired by sci-fi books and movies, Transhumanity sets the spirit of dark and intense action for modern films, video games, and TV." - Titan Slayer

Release Date: November 3, 2017
  1. Advanced Warfare
  2. Dark Star One
  3. Fatal Instinct
  4. Hyperreal
  5. Neon Ranger
  6. Osiris Avenge
  7. Planet X
  8. Seven Sisters
  9. Transhumanity
  10. Ultra Violence
Total Album Time: 00:19:16

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