The Bad Dreamers - Songs About People Including Myself (Digital Album)


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Songs About People Including Myself is the revolutionary album that redefined vocal-driven synthwave in 2018. Combining the retro nostalgia of synthwave with modern pop music, The Bad Dreamers delivers heartfelt vocal hooks and handsome synth melodies on radio-friendly jewels like "California Winter," "How to Disappear," and "Reach You." Far from a one-dimensional artist, The Bad Dreamers also reveals an affinity for industrial music on the somber "Part Time God" and the noir-ish narrative "Hit Me Harder." Subtle songwriting touches and impeccable production chops give every track an authenticity that reflects the artist’s background as an industry professional.

Find out why NewRetroWave listed The Bad Dreamers as the top newcomer of 2018 along with "Who You Run To" as the #1 song of 2018 and Iron Skullet named 'Songs About People Including Myself' the number one popwave album of the year (2018) on this uniquely compelling recording.

Release Date: October 25th, 2018

Duration: 00:42:14

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