The Anix - ULTRALIGHT Stealth Pack


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Weighing only 23 grams, the ULTRALIGHT Stealth Pack is destined for undercover utility. A design collaboration between The Anix and technical outdoor gear engineers- Zpacks, the blend of futuristic sophistication and technical usability is abundantly apparent. The unit is constructed of one of the most innovative fabrics known to man, a material called DYNEEMA® which is used in bullet proof vests, bomb suits, racing sails and aerospace applications. The material is water resistant, abrasion resistant and all stitches are seam welded on the back side to prevent water entry, creating a barricade between your precious electronic devices and the elements. The carrying cable is also created with a DYNEEMA® core, to ensure strength and wear resistance. The ULTRALIGHT Stealth Pack features 4 anchor points for the carrying cable, allowing maximum flexibility in the way you mount the unit to your body.

Common use examples:

  • Hard drive
  • Keys/Wallet/Phone
  • Camera
  • Knife/small tools, glass breaker
  • Writing instruments
  • External battery
  • Guitar picks
  • Emanator® human holographic device

2.92 Oz/Sqyd Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid

Technology detail: Double thick polyester membrane with an exterior protective layer of 50 denier polyester.
Benefits include added strength, abrasion resistance and fray prevention.
DYNEEMA® fabric is waterproof, uv resistant and has incredible strength to weight ratio.

Weight: 2.92 oz/sqyd (99 g/m²)
Tensile strength: 245 lb/in (2150 n/5cm)
Puncture strength: 7.3 lb (32 n)
Water resistance: >20,000 mmh₂o

Made in USA

Note: These are hand assembled items, so expect minor variances

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