The Anix - Incomplete (Single)


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The Anix's signature sound of melodic vocals, pulsing synths and electronic programming continues to captivate listeners in his latest single, "Incomplete." Dive deep into the fast-paced arpeggiated synths and glitchy beats, as intricate vocals depict a journey of love and loss. Wondering if you'll ever retrieve what they took with them. Wondering if you'll ever feel whole again. 

Feeling incomplete? Fill the void with The Anix's full-length album Shadow_Movement available October 19, 2018.

Artist Quote:

"Recorded in Los Angeles with Logic Pro X on an iMac. This song was a challenge but due to my own rules I set for it. I wanted to limit my resources and instruments to only one single synthesizer and one bass guitar- no drum machines, no soft synths etc. The overall song is influenced by my love for The Faint and the minimal stripped and almost lo-fi production. I used the Moog Sub 37 to shape and create the drum sounds, the bass, and the lead arpeggiated synth riff. On the chorus I brought in the Fender P-Bass just to add the grit of the string flapping around, not to add bass frequency to the track. Again this was something I loved about the Faint and something I have also been doing for years. The song is very short and simple and was one of the funnest times I have ever had in the studio due to the challenge of using essentially one instrument." - Brandon Smith (The Anix)

Release Date: September 11th, 2018

Duration: 00:06:10

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