The Algorithm - Brute Force: Overclock (Digital Album)


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‘Overclock,’ the official DLC expansion pack to The Algorithm’s latest full-length album, ’Brute Force’, heats things up with 3 brand new tracks + a ‘floating point” remix by veteran glitch/idm producer Drumcorps.

The +Midi version includes .midi files of tracks 1-3.


Overclock is a journey through the dark and warm corners of the Brute Force concept. Writing an album with a consistent atmosphere sometimes mean some ideas have to be left off or just cannot be exploited to their fullest.
This first DLC expansion is a means for me to dive into some specific aspects of my style that were a bit absent from the release, and experiment and develop them like they deserve. More than a collection of tracks that didn't make it on the album, this EP is an extension, an another perspective on the Brute Force story.


Release Date: November 25th, 2016

Total Album Time: 00:15:59

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