Signal Void - Jaded Shadow Bundle


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T-Shirt & Digital Album Bundle

The new Signal Void album - Jaded Shadow - included with purchase.

(Full album releases June 25th)

An epic work of dystopian science fiction, Signal Void’s full-length album Jaded Shadow immerses listeners in rich, detailed soundscapes marked by powerful rhythms, haunting melodies, and an unparalleled sonic atmosphere. This groundbreaking recording represents a journey through narrative-driven conceptual spaces and delivers an unforgettable listening experience.

1. Alter Ego
2. Find You (feat. King Protea)
3. Bad Sector
4. Jaded Shadow (feat. Cody Darr)
5. Turncoat (x DEADLIFE)
6. Out of Focus
7. You've Got Me (feat. Emma Whale)
8. Eleventh Spiral
9. Limbo
10. Stasis
11. Pull Me Like Gravity (feat. King Protea)
12. Road to Nowhere

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