PRIZM - All Night (Cassetter Remix) [Digital Single]


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The retro pop powerhouse track that is PRIZM’s "All Night" gets a futuristic makeover courtesy of Cassetter on this brand new remix! Cassetter’s signature blend of old school synthwave and cyberpunk influences gives this fan-favorite creation a distinctly new feel without compromising the hook-heavy vocal power of the original. The result is a compelling piece that will connect with fans of all of synthwave’s different styles. 

The remix of "All Night" follows on the heels of the recent signing announcement of Cassetter to independent synthwave label FiXT Neon, also home to the pop synthwave duo PRIZM. The song is the first in a series of new singles from Cassetter, and it is available now on all major platforms.

Release Date: November 22nd, 2019

Duration: 00:08:56

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