Outland - Planet All-Over Print T-Shirt


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Join Outland Industries' in it's expansion through the cosmos and visit planets you've never before dreamed of! Marking these planets as “observed” by Outland is part of our standard practice. No matter where you are in space, you'll know whether or not a planet has been "Outland Approved".

All Outland Industries apparel comes with custom woven labels and hang-tags, and are folded in a custom tee-boggan (with special artwork panels) and polybagged to protect your items from dangerous planetary conditions.


Care Instructions:

All-Over Printing Apparel

Machine wash inside-out with cold water and tumble dry on low heat or line dry. For best results use mild detergent and avoid the use of fabric softener and dryer sheets.

All-Over-Print-Shirts are 100% Polyester and achieve their look through a technique called Dye Sublimation. Artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto apparel using heat and pressure. Heat converts the solid dye particles into a gas - known as sublimation - and bonds them to the polyester.  Unlike screen printing, the dye is absorbed by the fabric for a fantastic soft-to-the-hand feel.

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