Moonrunner83 - Streets (Digital Album)


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Streets is the breakout EP from Canadian synthwave artist Moonrunner83. Building on the strength of Datsun Sundown, this follow-up recording features an array of striking vocal performances, including multiple songs with regular collaborator Megan McDuffee. Tracks like "Among the Stars" and "To the Coast" offer sweetly nostalgic creations driven by poetic lyrics, while "Streets" puts a darker spin on Moonrunner83’s sound for one of synthwave’s most celebrated songs. 

The intimacy and honesty of the album reflect the inspiration Moonrunner83 pulls from human relationships and the experiences of city life in the remote Canadian north. Streets’ six-song tracklist contains some of the finest vocal-driven songs in all of synthwave and represents an essential release from this beloved artist.

Release Date: November 5th, 2019

Duration: 00:24:20

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