Mega Drive - 200XAD Bundle [Limited Edition 2LP x Shirt]

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Product description

Official Mega Drive 200XAD Limited Edition 2LP x Shirt Bundle only available during Pre-Order

You’ve traveled through the immersive synthscapes of Mega Drive’s epic cyberpunk recording 200XAD, now you can represent this essential album with a vibrant all-over print t-shirt. The design takes 200XAD’s iconic artwork and blasts away the borders for a wide-angle image guaranteed to turn heads.

Vinyl Description:

Behold the last installment of the cyberpunk/darksynth trilogy by Mega Drive! Following the acclaimed albums 198XAD and 199XAD - 200XAD is finally available on a limited colored vinyl, proudly presented by FiXT.

In 2014, Mega Drive released the visionary 198XAD, a darkly cybernetic piece of audio horror that quickly became a cult classic and followed it up with an equally dark direct sequel 199XAD in 2019. The recordings found spots on lists of the best dark synthwave albums and earned respect from critics, fans, and creators alike.

And then last year Mega Drive finally returned to that dark realm with the triquel 200XAD, whose releases thus far from “NARC³” onward have moved the dark dystopian world forward into a new era. Spread across fifteen epic tracks Mega Drive returns to the dystopian sci-fi world delivering a wide range of intensely detailed pieces from the ominous and mechanical part hope and part despair “Threat Signal Loss” to the lighter and more playful “Shadow Dancer.” Mega Drive displays an impressive versatility as he plunges listeners further into a dark world with a complex and exciting soundscape that encapsulates the many themes of his previous works; a dystopian future rife with crime, deceit, and corruption.

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Product Features:

  • The last fragment of the infamous darksynth trilogy by Mega Drive
  • Double LP colored vinyl (Aqua Blue & Bloody Red Swirl)
  • Gatefold jacket with additional artwork by Lisa Folle
  • Digital download of the full 200XAD album is included with purchase 

    ** Please note - The photos shown are mock-up images that may not be exact to the finished product. Each album is a unique color blend & the actual product you receive may vary.


    A1 Orion

    A2 Mnemonic Head Trip

    A3 NARC³

    A4 Persona Sync

    B1 Shadow Dancer

    B2 Multipass

    B3 Black Katana

    B4 Infrared Icon

    C1 Arc Ascension

    C2 Threat Signal Loss

    C3 Code Walker

    C4 Ctrl Alt Dissonance


    D2 Nakatomi Night Assault

    D3 Memoria



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