Fury Weekend - Towards The Wind (Digital Single)


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Dark. Atmospheric. Heavy. Fury Weekend takes synthwave head-on with the commanding new track, "Towards the Wind," and it may be the artist’s most instantly impressive effort to date. It wastes no time revealing its thunderous, guitar-driven identity, though just when it feels like the song might be a one-dimensional banger, Fury Weekend scales back the composition and adds a layer of finesse with a soaring guitar solo. Alternating between crater-forming beats and soulful, melodic guitar work, Fury Weekend reveals his ability to create surprising and versatile arrangements that remain exciting from start to finish.

"Towards the Wind" is the fifth single released in advance of Fury Weekend’s latest full-length album. In unison with vocal tracks like "Thousand Lights" featuring Megan McDuffee and the collaboration with Scandroid on "Euphoria," "Towards the Wind" provides balance to the final tracklist with a more aggressive instrumental piece in Fury Weekend’s unmistakable style. The complete album is scheduled for release later this year through FiXT Neon.

Release Date: August 23rd, 2019

Duration: 00:04:50

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