SeamlessR - Wizard Bass (Deluxe Edition) (Digital Album)


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Wizard Bass is the third EP release from SeamlessR (remember - the "R" is silent). As always, SeamlessR is much less concerned with genre conventions as he is with making a heavy hitting track, and it's never been more apparent. With bass and beats summoned through sheer force of will, the electric energy on display could only be conjured by a Level 80 wizard. If SeamlessR's beard had a soundtrack, this would be it.

Standard Edition: Lossless Audio Files - $5.94
Deluxe Edition: Lossless Audio Files + FL Studio Project Files - $49.99

Release Date: January 22nd, 2016

Total Album Time: 00:24:09

Deluxe Edition Details:
• Lossless Audio Download of Original Songs
• Original FL Studio 12.1.3 Session with Audio WAV/Stem Files (500MB Zip)

"These projects are provided for educational use only. The tracks themselves are still very much copyrighted. You do not have permission to release or profit from anything in these projects in any way on any platform or label. Except the presets and patches. Have fun with those :)

These projects were made with FL Studio 12.1.3. Older versions of FL Studio 12 may not run these projects properly. FL Studio 11 or older WILL NOT run these projects properly.

Some elements in these tracks are altered to comply with legal obligations and compatibility with third party plugins. For the most part, these are identical to their original released versions. Stems or similar versions of original patches are provided in case you do not have the necessary plugins."
- Stephen (SeamlessR)

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