Blue Stahli - Never Dance Again (Single) (Digital Album)


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If you haven't yet heard, here's the news: Blue Stahli is indeed writing songs for the follow up to his ass-kicking self- titled debut album! Unfortunately, he's working on those songs from within a prison cell. This brand new stand-alone single tells you why. Musically, the chainsaw pop of "Never Dance Again" is Bret's love letter to the 80s. Thematically, the song is a love letter to...well, you'll see. In case it isn't overly obvious to you after listening, Bret's a jealous lover. Let that be a word of warning to any of his fans who wear some other band's T-shirt to a Blue Stahli show. "Never Dance Again" comes accompanied by a smashing remix courtesy of Bret's label-mate Josh Money. In turn, Blue Stahli has also been busy under lockdown remixing a new Josh Money tune, which you'll hear later this summer. For now, we at FiXT just hope Bret doesn't drop the soap.

Release Date: May 14th, 2013

Total Album Time: 00:12:44

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