3D Stas - Rain of the Dead (feat. Robin Adams) [Digital Single]


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3D Stas third single "Rain of the Dead", from the upcoming 2019 album with FiXT, sweeps the listener away in a torrent of virulent internal conflict, pulling them along with a hypnotically compelling beat that refuses to let go once it sets in. Like a freshly turned member of the undead horde, still conscious of the person they once were, the lyrics paint the picture of someone locked tightly within themselves with nothing but the desire to escape their present state: fighting the current that threatens to pull them under and wash them away completely in the "Rain of the Dead". With the latest single, 3D Stas continues to showcase his ability to juxtapose chugging guitars, aggressive beats with an elite cast of guest vocalists, this time bringing in UK vocalist Robin Adams, after recent collaborations with The Qemists and Charlie Bowes.

Release Date: April 30th, 2019

Duration: 00:12:00

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