Voicians - Survival League (Single) (Digital Album)


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Between preparing for the grand finale to his self titled release "Voicians", doing collabs with Muzzy and Maduk, and performing at the Liquicity Winterfestival - Voicians has had his hands pretty full. That won't stop him from giving you a little something to keep you dancing until the release of his upcoming full-length album!

The new single, "Survival League" starts off with airy vocals, evocative piano work, and chill, mid-tempo vibes to get you comfortable before you lose control to the classic European Drum n’ Bass intensity and infectious melodies. Like any true Voicians release, "Survival League" has little to do with genre restrictions and everything to with emotion and feeling. From chill-out, DnB, glitch hop and everywhere in between - this roller-coaster of a track manages change and evolve every time you think you know where you’re going. That dynamic journey is symbolic in meaning as well, taking inspiration from the brave people who left everything behind on a harrowing journey to find a place where they belong.

Survival League has arrived.

Release Date: March 18th, 2016

Total Album Time: 00:09:22

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