Voicians - Colors II (Digital Album)


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The original Colors EP may have started as an experiment for Daniel Voicians, but Colors II marks the beginning of taking it forward as a focused instrumental series filled with diverse indie pop tunes and beats.

"I love so many different music genres and also love to produce versatile music. The Colors series helps me to give the rather electronic and happy songs a home. With the release of Colors 2 I want to continue the little electronic journey I started back in 2013 with the original Colors EP" - Voicians

Colors II covers plenty of ground, from the liquid drum & bass of "Somewhere We Stay" and trip-hop grooves of "Green Shelter" to the pulsing dubstep on "From Zero" and refreshing breaks on "Sparks." If you’re a fan of catchy electronic grooves, Colors II has something for you.

Release Date: July 8th, 2016


Total Album Time: 00:35:17

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