Mega Drive - NARCS (Digital Single)


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Few artists working in the darker side of synthwave are able to capture a detailed, cinematic style as well as Mega Drive. The artist proves once again why he’s considered a master of cyberpunk synthwave with his latest track, "NARCS." The second single off the upcoming 199XAD album plunges listeners into an elaborate and exciting soundscape that conjures images of a dystopian future rife with crime, deceit, and corruption.

Sprinkling bright melodies across a gritty, high-powered rhythm section, "NARCS" balances light and dark in perfect contrast, vividly painting a picture of a world that is simultaneously beautiful and chaotic, thrilling and dangerous. Following the release of "Gun Hag," "NARCS" reveals even more of the songwriting versatility present on Mega Drive’s forthcoming full-length album, and it should be more than enough to whet the appetite of fans who have been eager for a return to Mega Drive’s signature sound.

Release Date: August 2nd, 2019

Duration: 00:05:50

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