Josh Money - Pink Mist (Digital Album)


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We can only run so far into the arms of the new and novel before nostalgia drags us back to our first love. Like the inescapable pull of a black hole, our fascination with the sounds of our youth will always reel us back in again. For today's generation, that means one thing: the sugary sweet synths of the 80s. Maybe we're finally over our love affair with the sloppy angst of grunge and we miss the pristine pop that came before it. Maybe, in our current economic slump, we miss the glitz of the 'Me Decade'. Or maybe we just miss wearing shoulder pads and Members Only jackets. Regardless of the reason, we have only one course of action: grab that curly-haired prom queen we've been crushing on, hop into our dad's Ferrari 250, fly the finger to the dean, shove Pink Mist into the stereo and hit the highway to yesterday. Josh Money's eight instrumental cuts of retro pop will light the way.

Release Date: July 9th, 2013

Total Album Time: 00:21:41

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