Fury Weekend - Euphoria (feat. Scandroid) [Digital Single]


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"Euphoria" is the second single releasing with sub-label FiXT Neon from the one-man Russian synthwave act’s coming 2019 album. In addition to repackaging all four previous recordings for re-release, FiXT Neon is preparing to launch the next era in Fury Weekend’s impressive career.

The crossbred mongrel of Futuresynth and Outrun, Fury Weekend’s "Euphoria" (featuring Scandroid) combines the brooding sounds of Cybersynth with the lyrically idealistic elements of traditional Popwave. Part robotic love song, part avowal of cybernetic liberation, "Euphoria" fuses these Retrosynth domains into a complex and unique musical mosaic.

Release Date: January 22nd, 2019

Duration: 00:08:20

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