Moonitor - To The Past From The Future In The Present (Digital Album)


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Hot on the heels of his Squarehead album, EBM/electro mastermind Sebastian Komor presents his full length Moonitor project. Over a decade in the making, Moonitor evolved out of some of Komor's earliest experimentation with electronic music in the mid 90s but was shelved in favor of his membership in the critically acclaimed Icon of Coil. Now, at last, these tracks have been dusted off and finished, and have generated brand new material alongside. Komor mixes elements of EBM, progressive house, trance, and even breakbeat and world music to create a unique experience within the world of electronic music. With smooth house beats, steady electro synth lines, and the distinctive influence of world tribal styles (even a didgeridoo makes an appearance), Moonitor acts as the psychedelic counterpoint to the aggressive and gritty hard techno of Squarehead.

Release Date: April 27, 2010

Total Album Time: 01:56:48

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