How To Bass Volume 01: The Bassening (Sample Pack)

How To Bass Volume 01: The Bassening (Sample Pack)

$14.99 USD
How To Bass Volume 01: The Bassening (Sample Pack)

How To Bass Volume 01: The Bassening (Sample Pack)

$14.99 USD
Product description

"How To Bass Volume 01: The Bassening" is the first in a series of sample packs produced by SeamlessR, creator of the popular YouTube tutorial series of the same name. These packs contain nothing but bass samples. No pads, no leads, no drums, only bass.

The pack features 250 Samples (24bit/44.1khz WAV Files) across 10 unique categories:

Big Neuro
This group of samples are large almost atmospheric sounding bass moments created with the use of many, many layers of filters, compression, distortion, and other general tweakery which resulted in this very unique dark sounding motion

These samples were made through experimentation with granular synthesis. The joke is that it sometimes sounds like a door squeaking. These sounds, however, are fierce but smooth sounding basses with interesting atonal properties.

These sounds were taken straight out of SeamlessR's track "Fireflies". Also made using granular synthesis, these make perfect filler moments in bass music.

These sounds answer the question "What happens when you put reverb at the beginning of a giant neuro FX stack as opposed to the end?". These hits have their reverb tails processed along with the rest of the bass giving it an interesting flowing sound.

"Greasy" is exactly how these samples sound. A wet almost squelchy tone that slides around in your head like something gross but also brutal and totally awesome.

These are born of a patch created and used in SeamlessR's remix of Celldweller's "Heart On". This is a very distorted very large sounding growl bass with lots of formanty, vowely, talky type qualities about them.

Modular Experiments
SeamlessR visited Klayton's ridiculous studio packed full of analog modular hardware shortly before creating this pack. These sounds were the usable moments captured during his time messing around with the synths. Lots of old school reesey goodness in this folder.

Monster Grain
Granular synthesis was involved in making this, but also two layers of vocoding and quite the mess of an FX chain. The result is some of the most unique growls you'll hear for a while.

That old school drum and bass phaser fill bass sound. Real nice when used on transitional moments in a track.

Good ol' reese bass goodness. Some short ones, some longer ones, nice bigness to them. There's no wrong way to use a reese bass.

Additional Info:
All files are 24bit, 44.1khz WAV Audio.
Product Download is 75MB Zip File.

Release Date: March 12th, 2015

*This sample pack is not an add-on to the Transport Kontakt Instrument. This is an WAV file audio-only sample pack and is not compatible with Transport.


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