Refractor Audio: Celldweller - Modular Sample Pack (Vol. 02)

$24.99 USD
Refractor Audio: Celldweller - Modular Sample Pack (Vol. 02)

Refractor Audio: Celldweller - Modular Sample Pack (Vol. 02)

$24.99 USD
Product description

Refractor Audio is proud to present Celldweller's 2nd Modular Sample Pack - featuring a collection of 501 premium samples from the Celldweller studio!

Generated and processed through over $100,000 worth of Modular/Analog and outboard gear, including Buchla 200e,, and ModCan Systems plus Roland TB-303 and Eurorack modules from Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, Intellijel, Pittsburgh Modular, Cwejman, Malekko, Synthrotek, The Harvestman, TipTop Audio, WMD, and many more, all processed through Class-A hardware from Solid State Logic, Neve, API, Universal Audio, Avalon, Empirical Labs & more.

What's Included:

  • 501 Total Samples (407 MB Download)
  • All files at 24bit / 44.1khz WAV Audio
  • Key / BPM Info for each Sample
  • All Sounds Royalty Free*

Audio Demos:

*License Agreement:

By purchasing this sample pack you agree to the following terms between Licensor (Refractor Audio) and Licensee (You, the Customer)

  • The Samples and all rights therein (including copyrights) remain the property of Licensor and are licensed to Licensee as the original end-user, on a non-exclusive basis, for use as set forth herein. All rights not expressly granted to Licensor are reserved exclusively by Licensor.
  • Licensee may use the Samples in combination with other sounds in music production, including soundtracks for films, video productions, commercials, master recordings, multimedia presentations and any reasonable musical purposes within separate musical compositions.
  • Licensee may modify the Samples and may use the Samples for commercial or non- commercial purposes as part of a separate musical composition or other sounds.
  • Licensee MAY NOT use the Samples or any part thereof in isolation as sound effects or as loops or as part of any competitive products that are sold or relicensed to third parties.
  • Licensee shall not have the right, in any circumstance, to re-distribute, license, convey, sell or transfer any Sample or portion thereof “as is” or in its original format (in other words, alone and without using the Sample in connection with the creation of a wholly new work) via any method or medium, including, without limitation online, digitally or physical discs and the rights granted to Licensee are specifically contingent on Licensee using Samples as part of a wholly-new work that combines additional musical or other media material and in no event may you use, distribute, license or sell any Sample alone or not in conjunction with other material.
  • View the Full License Agreement

*This sample pack is not an add-on to the Transport Kontakt Instrument. This is an WAV file audio-only sample pack and is not compatible with Transport.


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