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PRIZM wears their influences on their sleeve with "Midnight FM," a brand new cover song medley sincerely dedicated to synthwave innovators The Midnight and FM-84. The gorgeous dreamwave track shifts subtly across its running time, paying homage to The Midnight tracks "Explorers" and "Lost Boy" and the FM-84 songs "Never Stop" and "Running in the Night." As the group explains, "Midnight FM" represents a special piece of PRIZM’s music genesis:

"We still see ourselves as newcomers to the synthwave scene and we're always discovering artists and sounds that inspire us, but it's safe to say that PRIZM would not exist as we do today without FM-84 and The Midnight. The pure creativity of the songwriting and production opened up our minds to what is possible if we just dig deep enough. So we always wanted to do a cover of their songs. Then we thought, "let's mash them up!" Then we lost our minds and said, "LET'S MASH UP 4 OF THEM." So here we are and we're very proud of what came out. We hope everyone who loves the original songs will appreciate hearing them reimagined as much as we loved recording them."

"Midnight FM" follows on the heels of PRIZM’s recent popwave track "We Were Young" and continues the series of singles from the group after their hit debut EP, PRIZM, released earlier this year by independent synthwave label FIXT Neon.

Release Date: October 18th, 2019

Duration: 00:07:56

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