SeamlessR - The R Is Silent (Digital Album)


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Note: This release contains explicit lyrics

The beginning of the year saw the first official release from SeamlessR, the EDM production guru with over 50,000 people following his software tutorial series "How To Bass", but after putting out the Momentum EP, he wasn't going to let that momentum fall. His second EP cements him as a solid member of the FiXT roster, living up to his namesake and blending breaks, dubstep, glitch-hop, trap and heavy metal into something completely unique in a way that can only be described as "seamless". This 7 track roller coaster ride will have you traveling the ups and downs of his immaculately designed waveforms and leave everyone from seasoned producers to newcomers to electronic music stunned in it's wake. You won't forget the name SeamlessR, but just remember - The R Is Silent.

The Momentum EP may be the first official release of SeamlessR, but the artist is no amateur. For the past two years, he's been the star of the EDM production world with his hit software tutorial series "How To Bass", which brought him to the attention of none other than BT. A collaborative remix of Celldwe
ller followed, and now SeamlessR joins the FiXT roster. The expertise that endeared him to 30,000 YouTube subscribers has allowed SeamlessR to craft a massive debut. The seven songs on Momentum have the sonic presence of infinite space. Listeners will feel like explorers of vast new worlds as synth arpeggios breach the atmosphere above them and rumbles of bass gape as wide as the chasms between planets. With a guest appearance by Celldweller, nothing will slow the ascent of the Momentum EP. - See more at:


Release Date: November 11th, 2014

Total Album Time: 00:33:02

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