OCTiV - Fatality EP (Digital Album)


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OCTiV's first single with FiXT, an electronic-metal shredder that harnessed and combined the brutality of Metal, the ruthless momentum of Drum'n'Bass, and the untamed ferocity of Dubstep, was a runaway hit, careening out of control on the charts and signaling that the Detroit producer was one to watch closely. Now, the huge cut has been worked over for an expanded EP release. Mark Instinct (Rottun, Play Me, subHUMAN) puts his own unique stamp on the original’s overpowering bass metal, ForeverKID drops the song into Trap-tinged Dubstep territory, and Nerd Rage (Ultragore) slows “Fatality” down into an even more foreboding Dubstep portent of doom. Face the black magic abyss.

Release Date: August 20th, 2013

Total Album Time: 00:24:05

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