Josh Money - Oddhead (Deluxe Edition) (Digital Album)


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The definitive edition of Josh Money's Oddhead, experience the full Oddhead EP + Odderhead album, including an unreleased remix by Axor & instrumentals. 

About Oddhead EP: 
Building on the unique indie rock/dance/EDM fusion displayed on the full-length album debut Carve, Josh Money proves once more that genres are only base pigments to be mixed and morphed on his canvas. Money dives deep on Oddhead, examining layers of the psyche over the course of six songs that are melancholy yet hopeful, complex yet endlessly danceable. Far from being disposable dance floor noise, Josh Moneyʼs Oddhead raises the art of electronic music to new heights. 

About Odderhead: 
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more odd after the release of Josh Money’s genre morphing Oddhead EP, the ever-experimenting producer has teamed up with an array of some of the most unique brains in electronic music to turn the odd up to 11. With a sound that refuses to conform to any standard preconceptions of modern dance music, each track will constantly keep you guessing at what’s coming next - and it will always leave you impressed. From deep house, glitch hop, dubstep, trap, chill out and everywhere in between, these mixes will take you on a journey through places you never knew existed. Hang up all of your expectations at the door, and get ready to take a trip into Josh Money's Odderhead. 

Release Date: December 29, 2017

Total Album Time: 02:17:59

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