Celldweller - Chainsaw 18x24" Autographed Poster


$25.00 USD

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It's late at night, and out of the darkness comes a figure soaked in blood and wielding a chainsaw - his face shrouded in shadow, save the bright red mohawk to match the crimson bloodstains on his suit. Relax, it's only Klayton. He's probably just recording the sound of that chainsaw for a new song.... right? .... Right?..... 

Now, you can strike fear into the hearts of all those who venture into your home with the LIMITED EDITION, AUTOGRAPHED Celldweller Chainsaw Poster! Only 200 of these posters exist in this world (200 elsewhere) and Klayton will personally autograph each one. We'll try to make sure he doesn't use the chainsaw to sign them, but we can't promise anything.

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