FreqGen - Transmissions: Vol. 03 (Digital Album)


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Transmissions: Vol. 03 marks the third extraterrestrial voyage FreqGen takes into the stars with the Transmissions series of intergalactic electronic experimentation. On board you'll find ambient soundscapes that transcend listeners into a galaxy all their own to tracks with driving beats, evocative swells and an analog warmth that will keep you fueled up during your travels to the furthest reaches of distant planets. Whether you're exploring crystallized ice caverns or dodging your way through asteroids - Transmissions: Vol. 03 is the perfect soundtrack for wherever you end up in the endless expanses of our universe. Modular & analog sound design and progressive composition fuse once more, creating the next installment in a collection of songs that could only come from Klayton as he stands behind the command console in the FreqGen spaceship. Buckle up, and prepare for take-off.

Release Date
: August 4th, 2017

Total Album Time: 00:56:25

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