How To Bass Volume 04: Modular Mayhem (Sample Pack)


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How To Bass 4: Modular Mayhem is an exciting collection of sounds created by combining digital creation with analog modular processing. The best of both worlds coming together to create unique texture and weight. Each group a vast difference from the last.

Modular Mayhem features 250 hand-crafted samples from SeamlessR, made entirely on modular hardware/gear across 6 different categories of sounds:

A whole lot of analog filter FM and regular FM run into Vocodex to get real heavy and growly.

Leads and chords that didn't start out as leads or chords but, none the less, sound pretty good as leads or chords.

Pushing analog FM pretty hard to create a special kind of roughness.

Three stages of growliness. Raw straight out of the modular rig, Phase 1 processed with compression and vocoding, Phase 2 with additional phasing.

Analog and digital filtering combine to wreck face.

Digital source run through analog filtering and folded waveshaping.


Additional Info:
All files are 24bit, 44.1khz WAV Audio.
Product Download is 74MB Zip File.

Release Date: November 27, 2015

*This sample pack is not an add-on to the Transport Kontakt Instrument. This is an WAV file audio-only sample pack and is not compatible with Transport.

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