Sunset Neon - Never Dance Again (Battle Tapes Remix) [Digital Single]


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Los Angeles-based quartet Battle Tapes, known for their synth-pop and electronic-rock influences, deliver a retro-inspired remix of Sunset Neon's "Never Dance Again." The remix features smooth synths, relaxed beats, and a glamorous '80s-rock guitar solo.

"We tend to approach remixes as though we are the original producers of the song. What was cool about "Never Dance Again" was once we peeled back the production and focused on the vocal and lyrics we found a surprising sadness in the verses juxtaposed by a chorus that had a feeling of a somewhat joyful retribution. We wanted to bring some of those emotions to the forefront of the remix that might have been hidden in the original while still adhering to Sunset Neon’s retrowave/80s sensibilities." - Battle Tapes

Release Date: May 25th, 2018

Total Time: 00:08:20

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