Circle of Dust - Hive Mind (Animattronic Volcania Remix) [Digital Single]


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Following the release of alt_Machines, Circle of Dust has yet another remix to reveal from long-time FiXT fan, friend and remixer, Animattronic. The talented producer originally gifted FiXT with two different remixes of the gritty 2016 track, "Hive Mind", assuming only one would be published. Alas, Animattronic's tracks were so hard core FiXT decided to release both! Please enjoy the all new Volcania remix!

Behind the Animattronic project, stands artist/producer and visual FX / video animator Matthew Akin. A Circle of Dust fans since the 90s, Animattronic has created many of the official Circle of Dust lyric and visualizer videos to the album Machines of Our Disgrace along with many other FiXT video projects in recent years, and he makes a cameo in the upcoming Circle of Dust documentary.

Release Date: September 14th, 2018

Duration: 00:07:34

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