Celldweller - Offworld Vinyl (Limited Edition)


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Vinyl Features:

  • Limited Edition, 180 gram color-splattered single LP 12" vinyl
  • Gatefold Jacket with 10-page 12" booklet of large format art
  • Full album lyrics
  • Digital download of "Offworld"

Offworld, Celldweller's fourth vocal-based studio album departs from the project's signature sound of aggressive guitars, blasting beats and ass-kicking intensity and delivers a journey of sentimental feels and emotionally gripping tracks, showcasing the intimate song-writing side of project mastermind, Klayton.

The album's 10 tracks range from the soul searching "How Little I Must Know," to the modern shoegazer "Echoes," the somber a cappella "Mother's Arms," to the acoustic guitar driven "The Great Divide," and the heavy, yet atmospheric vibe of "Last Night on Earth." The album begins and ends with the title track & reprise of "Offworld," which gives the album a narrative backdrop as a sci-fi adventure of leaving the world behind – perhaps to explore a new one or join life on the other side, closing the album experience with a familiar Celldweller lyric... "we will never die." 

Strap in and prepare to hit the launch button on this other-worldly adventure and "go offworld tonight."

Release Date: July 28th, 2017

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