Celldweller - Gift For You | The Lucky One | Tainted Remixes (Digital Album)


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At long last, FiXT presents the final collection of Celldweller remixes from the gone-but-sorely-missed FiXT Remix community. Gathered here are the best results from the last three Celldweller remix contests, all of them for songs off the 2012 album Wish Upon A Blackstar: "The Lucky One", "Gift For You", and "Tainted". This collection includes mixes from a number of new faces alongside notable long-time FiXT
Remix members such as Voicians, Paul Udarov, DJ Pulp, GReeNOX, Red Online, Drop, Spektralisk, and TweakerRay. The final Celldweller FiXT Remix compilation is a fine tribute to the community that redefined the remix contest, launched indie careers, and even added to the FiXT label roster.


Release Date: May 6th, 2014


Total Album Time: 01:24:45

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