Celldweller - Beta Cessions: Demos & Rarities (Digital Album)


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Beta Cessions: Demos & Rarities brings together a fan-focused collection of 26 songs, many of which have gone previously unreleased. Such mixes include early demo versions of "Switchback" with never-before-heard lyrics, as well as early demos with alternate arrangements and musical production for "Afraid This Time," "The Last Firstborn," "Stay With Me" (Unlikely) and "Uncrowned." Other unreleased versions of tracks include an 'electronic-instrumental-mix' of "Symbiont" and a Karaoke version of "So Sorry To Say" featuring the instrumental version the song, but with backing vocals included.

Beta Cessions: Demos & Rarities delivers on the rarities side as well, bringing full digital release to previously released for streaming services, such as the 2001 alternate mixes of "Switchback" (mixed by Ben Grosse) and "Stay With Me" (Unlikely) (mixed by Scott Humphrey & Frank Gryner). The album also includes many of the rare 2000 'Detroit' mixes, including the tracks "Switchback," "Afraid This Time," "Under My Feet," and "So Sorry To Say." Beta Cessions: Demos & Rarities also delivers the first ever digital release of the 3 original 1999 demos released on the Celldweller Limited Edition EP in 2000 along with Klayton's electronic focused tracks "Kemikal" and "Beginning of The End."

Release Date: November 24, 2017

Total Album Time: 01:55:37

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