Blue Stahli - Metrocenter 84 (Single) (Digital Album)


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"Abandonware is a music series of strange material and oddities.  Where the main Blue Stahli vocal output leans toward multi-genre electronic rock, and Antisleep is a series of (mostly) instrumental songs geared for film/tv/video games, Abandonware is the stuff I do outside of the main studio time, writing on airplanes, late night experiment sessions, and pieces made just for fun.  Songs that would be in the soundtrack of a long-forgotten computer game from 1995, the oldschool cyberpunk feel of staring at a DOS prompt and being mesmerized by demoscene animation, scouring BBS’s for .MOD .S3M and .XM files amid glowing ansi and ascii art.  Lost soundtracks to straight-to-video sci-fi 80s and 90s movies on VHS." -Bret

Metrocenter 84

"Metrocenter 84 is your background sound to gazing out the window of a late night, neon-lit drive.  Lo-fi cassette smoothness for a haze of 80s nostalgia." -Bret

Release Date: June 3rd, 2016

Total Album Time: 00:02:50

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