Blue Stahli - Antisleep Volume 4 - 1" Button


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You're driving down the street, neon lights faintly reflected in the sunglasses you're wearing at night. The scissor doors on the car open up as you grab for the pistol at your side. You exit the car, and walk towards the doors of the bar. You mutter a witty one-liner to no one in particular and kick the doors open. The record scratches to a halt in the juke-box, and all eyes turn towards you. You draw your gun, mutter that same witty one-liner, this time to the crowd of bikers, and one of them says "Damn, that button is cool" just before you pull the trigger.

This 1" round button features the Blue Stahli Antisleep Vol. 4 album logo, for those times when you absolutely must look like a badass.  Accept no substitute.

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