Blue Stahli - The Devil (Remixes)


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Blue Stahli's sophomore full-length album, The Devil, has been summoned from the depths of hell. Molting its skin and transforming into a vicious new form, The Devil (Remixes) ascends from the abyss with 14 incantations to haunt your soul.

The album features gruesome remixes from Owl Vision, Rabbit Junk, Gydra, Rave The Reqviem, Sebastian Komor, Pythius, Thomas Vent, ANX, Indo, Wildpuppet, OCTiV, Animattronic, Entropy Zero, and JaySounds. The Devil (Remixes) continues Blue Stahli's multi-genre assault, ranging from thrash metal and industrial to drum & bass and polished EDM.

Release Date: July 6th, 2018

Total Time: 00:55:58

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