Circle of Dust - Brainchild (Remastered)


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The 1994 sophomore album 'Brainchild' from Circle of Dust ushered in the continuation of Klayton’s legacy before Celldweller, Scandroid & the foundation of FiXT. Now, the album returns in full force, collected, remastered and expanded for a brand new audience as well as long time fans of the industrial titan Circle of Dust.

Each track from the original 'Brainchild' album appears with a complete audio overhaul to bring them into the modern era. Along with the original album tracks, this album contains the modern day debut of Circle of Dust with the single that marked the resurrection - Contagion - as well as a new Blue Stahli remix of one of the most iconic Circle of Dust songs, Deviate. Diving further into the Circle of Dust archives, you'll find a rare Circle of Dust cover track of Steve Taylor's "Am I In Sync", two live tracks from a 1995 performance, and continuation of the "Dust" demos, b-sides and unreleased tracks.

The Circle continues. From Dust - To Dust.

Standard Edition Contains: Tracks 1-10
Deluxe Edition Contains: Tracks 1-25
CD Contains: Tracks 1-25

Release Date: April 29th, 2016

Total Deluxe Album Time: 01:56:00
Total Standard Album Time: 00:52:00

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