Celldweller - End of an Empire Collector's Edition (5-CD Box Set)


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Note: This release contains explicit lyrics

Looking for the complete End of an Empire experience? This 5 disc CD box set is for the most die-hard Celldweller fans who want to have every incredible track, Faction, and remix from the End of an Empire album.

Disc 1 - End of an Empire
Disc 2 - Factions
Disc 3 - Instrumentals
Disc 4 - The Remixes (Part I)
Disc 5 - The Remixes (Part II)
Bonus Download - The Remixes (Instrumentals)


Disc 1 - End of an Empire


  1. End of an Empire
  2. Heart On
  3. Down To Earth
  4. New Elysium
  5. Just Like You
  6. Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked)
  7. Lost In Time
  8. Breakout (feat. Scandroid)
  9. Jericho
  10. Precious One


Disc 2 - Factions

  1. Faction 01
  2. Faction 02
  3. Faction 03
  4. Faction 04
  5. Faction 05
  6. Faction 06
  7. Faction 07
  8. Faction 08
  9. Faction 09
  10. Faction 10
  11. Faction 11
  12. Faction 12
  13. Faction 13
  14. Faction 14
  15. Faction 15
  16. Faction 01 (Instrumental)
  17. Faction 02 (Instrumental)
  18. Faction 04 (Instrumental)
  19. Faction 06 (Instrumental)
  20. Faction 07 (Instrumental)
  21. Faction 09 (Instrumental)
  22. Faction 10 (Instrumental)
  23. Faction 13 (Instrumental)


Disc 3 - Instrumentals

  1. End of an Empire (Instrumental)
  2. Heart On (Instrumental)
  3. Down To Earth (Instrumental)
  4. New Elysium (Instrumental)
  5. Just Like You (Instrumental)
  6. Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked) (Instrumental)
  7. Lost In Time (Instrumental)
  8. Breakout (feat. Scandroid) (Instrumental)
  9. Jericho (Instrumental)
  10. Precious One (Instrumental)


Disc 4 - The Remixes (Part I)

  1. G4M3 0V3R
  2. Down To Earth (KATFYR Remix)
  3. Heart On (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
  4. Lost In Time (KJ Sawka Remix)
  5. End of an Empire (Comaduster Remix)
  6. G00D LUCK (Y0U’R3 833P3D)
  7. Jericho (Circle of Dust Remix)
  8. New Elysium (The Algorithm Remix)
  9. Good L_ck (Yo_’re F_cked) (Combichrist Remix)
  10. N3W 3LY51UM
  11. Precious One (Drumcorp Remix)
  12. Breakout (feat. Scandroid) (I Will Never Be The Same Remix)
  13. Just Like You (Tom Player Remix)


Disc 5 - The Remixes (Part II)

  1. J3R1CH0
  2. New Elysium (Zardonic Remix)
  3. Down to Earth (Celldweller Remix)
  4. Breakout (feat. Scandroid) (Scandroid Remix)
  5. Good L_ck (Yo_’re F_cked) (Hecq Remix)
  6. Heart On (Mister Faux Remix)
  7. D0WN 2 34RTH
  8. Just Like You (Mobthrow Remix)
  9. Lost In Time (OCTiV Remix)
  10. End of an Empire (Breathe Carolina Remix)
  11. Heart On (SeamlessR Remix)
  12. Precious One (Rhys Fulber Remix)


Time, Love, Dreams and Death - all four chapters have been unveiled. Now begins the true End of an Empire. 

After a year long production cycle, Celldweller has been slowly revealing bits and pieces of his third full length, studio artist album, which showcases a return to the more formative complex electronic and heavy metal elements that defined the unique hybrid that is Celldweller. Never one to rest on his laurels, Klayton raises the bar with a brand new level of production unheard of by most producers, fusing analog and digital to create something completely out of this world. 

From tracks like “Good L_ck (Yo_’re F_cked)” which sound like something straight out of a neo-futuristic punk rock dive bar, to the soft and somber “Just Like You” that swells with acoustic guitars, modular synths and melodic vocals into an epic cinematic ballad. Every track brings something completely unique yet distinctly Celldweller to the table. Equal parts score and soundtrack to a science fiction movie that hasn’t been created yet, this album delivers an unparalleled experience that transports each listener to their own little world inhabited by all of the iconic characters presented throughout the chapter cycle leading up to the release of the final album.

Now sit down, buckle up, and welcome to the end.

Watch the Digital Documentary on the making of End of an Empire

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